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“I want to extend my sincere thanks to you and your organization and your Elder Care Specialist for the wonderful support and extensive services you provided to my mother. Most importantly, you enabled the family to honour Mom’s wishes that she remain in India and in her parental home by keeping her safe, secure and happy.Your ECS are very kind, patient and always good companions for Mom. All of this was a tremendous comfort for my brother and me, as we both live in U.S.”-
Vijay Batra.
” I have been associated with 50 Plus Assist Pvt. LTD for a few months now. My mother is suffering from Dementia. We contacted 50 PLUS team in the hope to find a rehabilitation centre, where my mother could get to do some stimulating activities, keep herself occupied, keep the mind running and in the right way. Since we felt we were failing to help her out. Then we came across Dr Mrigna, she not only helps my mother with basic activities that interest her but also values her opinions, seeks for her feedback, takes her for walks and outings & most importantly understands her. My mother has found a friend in Mrigna & she eagerly waits for her sessions. Thank you for providing help to Dementia patients. It really means a lot. Keep up the good work!”


Jasmine Ranchandani
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