Physiotherapy Care .


Physiotherapy Care

At  50+ Assist we provide you with tailor made, personalized and high standards of physiotherapy care. Our Clients range from children to the elderly, to professional till recreational sports person and the locals next door too. Together, we accurately diagnose your problem, decide the best course of treatment for you, and create a program of the suits your needs. Whatever may be your condition is our approach will always be to get you better and make sure you stay that way. Nothing gives us more pleasure but to see happy and pain free as soon as possible. And if you are fit and healthy we help you to maintain that way. Our personalized training sessions will help you to achieve your health goals. We aim to ensure that you receive a consistently high standard of service at all times. Our Elder Care Specialists (ECS) have master’s degrees in the fields of psychology, social work and gerontology. They are selected for both their hard and their soft skills. They have the patience, empathy, integrity and creativity to truly increase the quality of life of their elderly clients.

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