Care Solution.


Our Care Solution

Each situation is different and unique and there is no one solution that works for everyone. Our method combines services and safety care products to make sure that your elderly can remain happily at home.

Client Care Consultation

We do a full assessment with each client using our formulated consultation tool. We look at IADLs, ADLs, social needs, emotional needs, household needs etc. Our consultation process provides the family with a complete assessment of needs, and they can make an informed decision on care.

Individualized Service Plan

Each client receives an individualized service plan that is based on input from them, their family and includes our professional recommendations. The plan includes services provided by our caregivers, home safety products and vendor services where appropriate. This provides families with highly personalized service plans that are tailored to their specific needs.

Caregiver Personality and Skills Matching

Our Elderly’s personality is factored into the process. We want to make sure that not only does the caregiver possess the skills needed to properly assist, but the personality traits they enjoy are matched. This helps everyone in the equation, and assures good matches to avoid disruption.

Stay Connected!!

All our clients receive a personal E-mail by the Elder Care specialist to give a brief recap of the session. This helps in keeping you informed and our services transparent. This provides the client with continuity and helps them to be involved in life of their parent’s life even if they stay away!

Vendor Recommendation

Our ECS assists clients with every aspect of maintaining their independence. This often includes assisting with arrangement of other non-care related services. We maintain a highly qualified and screened list of vendors to provide a plethora of services. This means that our clients have a stress-free time when receiving any services in their home.

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